10 Essential Reception Skills
Learn the 10 top reception skills, including professional presentation, dealing with multiple demands and managing waiting visitors.   10 Essential Reception Skills: 1. Personal.....
DVD - INR 7,750

10 Vital Rule's For Giving Incredible Speeches
Using his 1990 Golden Gavel acceptance speech. Tom Peters addresses the audience in this video about speech making. Alternately tongue-in-check and serious, this informative and entertaining.....
DVD - INR 7,750

5 Communication Secrets, The - Business Ed.
Renowned communication coach teaches viewers how they can use the techniques of Obama’s speaking power. The DVD uses video examples of President Barack Obama’s most memorable speeches to.....
DVD - INR 19,750

Audience Is Yours, Now, The
The sequel to The Floor is Yours, Now aimed at presenters who already know something about the process of giving a presentation but want to improve their skill at handling audiences. The film.....
DVD - INR 14,750

Basics of How to Plan, Write and Give a Winning Presentation, The
Be ready to anticipate the moment. Feel the goals and aspirations of your audience and make the presentation of your life! Divided into three sections— planning writing giving a.....
DVD - INR 9,750

Delivering Effective Training
The most important part of effective training isn't what trainers put into it, it's what learners take away from it. Help your employees take away the skills and concepts they need to do their jobs.....
DVD - INR 9,950

Difficult Presentations Made Easy
Learn practical ways to deal with the five most difficult situations. Suited to sales, training, change or project managers.   Training Points:   Anxiety and fear Nerves are.....
DVD - INR 7,750

Effective Presentation Skills
Shows how to prepare and deliver an effective speech or report. Proven techniques are presented that help viewers give more confident, enthusiastic and persuasive presentations. Role playing.....
DVD - INR 9,950

Effective Training Techniques
Martin Broadwell, veteran trainer gives everything you need to train your new trainers, supervisors and managers. Covers six vital training topics: * Assessing readiness * Involvement techniques *.....
DVD - INR 12,750

Explaining Clearly
Learn three steps that will make your explanations clear and easy to understand. Learn the three essential steps for giving clear explanations to avoid mistakes, misunderstandings &.....
DVD - INR 10,750

Floor Is Yours, Now, The
Your trainees will empathize with Jim, a young manager who has been put in charge of a major research project and now has the job of presenting his findings to his regional managers. Although.....
DVD - INR 14,750

Getting The Business and Keeping It
These two training DVDs shows sales experts in action — revealing their approach to lasting sales success. Divided into five parts for maximum flexibility, the programme can be shown as a.....
DVD - INR 12,950

How to Make Winning Presentations
One of the greatest fears for nearly everyone is making a presentation. Whether it is to one person or one thousand people, the fear is real and for many it is devastating. Don't be one of these.....
DVD - INR 9,750

How To Sell A New Idea
Learn 10 easy steps to present new ideas successfully to teams, managers, clients, media or investors. 1. Be committed yourself Have a goal and want to achieve it Personal commitment shows! .....
DVD - INR 7,750

I Wasn't Prepared for That
To give staff at all levels the confidence and skills to prepare and deliver effective presentations.
DVD - INR 39,750

Mastery of Speaking as a Leader, The
Terry Pearce demonstrates ways in which a leader can elevate a speech into a more powerful and ultimately productive experience for both speaker and listener. Pearce explains three rules that set the.....
DVD - US$ 95.00

Presentation is everything
To help individuals structure and deliver effective presentations: and avoid death by PowerPoint.
DVD - INR 39,750

Presentation Skills - A to Z.z.z
Shows how a training video can help you make more effective presentations.Produced in India.
DVD - INR 14,750

Presentations Without Fear
Strategies for a confident, professional presentation technique.
DVD - INR 14,750

Presenting to a Group
Public speaking in any sense usually strikes terror in the hearts of most. Learn six practical ways to overcome the main reasons why presentations often fail to inform or.....
DVD - INR 10,750

Public Speaking With Confidence
Discover the vital skills for coping with nervousness and techniques for making presentations interesting. A popular video with practical advice that can be used.....
DVD - INR 7,750

Speaking Effectively to One or One Thousand
In a well-known study, 3,000 people were asked what frightened them most. The number one answer was -- public speaking. This entertaining film gives viewers the skills so needed for confident.....
DVD - INR 34,750

Ten Training Tips
John Townsend is internationally acclaimed as an expert on the training of trainers. His numerous works on the subject include 'The Instructor's Pocketbook'. Today many people who are not specialist.....
DVD - INR 26,750

Winning Presentations
Winning Presentations is a story-based presentation development program designed to help you create more compelling and sucessful presentations. Featuring filmmakers and consultants, Dean.....
DVD - INR 25,750