Call Centres: Maximising Performance
This is a powerful pack that will help your call centre achieve maximum performance by developing and motivating its.....
Toolkit - INR 9,950

Customer Service Best Practices
This practical resource book includes articles, training tools, case studies, and job aids that you can use to positively impact your customer service through training, benchmarking, and new.....
Toolkit - US$ 89.95

Customer Service Training: How to Create Your Own Program
From the world's leading authority on customer service… this do-it-yourself resource will save you hours of work and ensure first-class customer service training. Customer Service Training.....
Toolkit - US$ 99.95

Excellent Customer Service
It won't take you long to find the many ways Excellent Customer Service can be used. Within its handy ring binder format are 18 sets of activities and dozens of 'OK to copy'.....
Toolkit - INR 10,950

Improving Customer Care, 30 Practical Exercises
30 Practical Exercises: Improving Customer Care gives you the variety and flexibility you need to provide new and innovative customer care.....
Toolkit - INR 10,950

Selling Through Customer Service
Help customer-facing staff become sales motivated - not sales resistant.
Toolkit - INR 9,950

Service Skills Indicator (SSI)
Preparing for Service: • Knowing your business • Anticipating problems • Understanding service expectations • Keeping management informed • Projecting a professional.....
Toolkit - INR 1,875

Ten-Minute Customer Service
As a part of the Ten-Minute Series, this resource is packed with short, punchy training activities that can be completed (with an action plan from delegates) in just 10 minutes! Fast and effective.....
Toolkit - INR 11,950

Ten-Minute Sales Skills
This resource can be used for training die-hard sales people to customer service staff - anyone who is involved in the sales.....
Toolkit - INR 11,950