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Agreed !
No matter how important a new plan or idea is to you, there will always be somebody who disagrees. If it's somebody who has to be involved, you need to find a way to work together. Agreed! sets out.....
DVD - INR 21,750

Apprentice, The: Case Studies on Sales and Negotiation
To illustrate the key principles of selling using real life situations.
DVD - INR 31,500

Art of Negotiating
The dramatic sequences in this Art of Negotiating video powerfully demonstrate the techniques participants can learn and apply to reach a ‘win-win’ result every time. Penelope Keith plays.....
DVD - INR 9,950

Communication in the Workplace Series
This 5 part Workplace Communication Series covers all aspects of communication in the modern day workplace including exploring what is communication, written communication and how to get it.....
DVD - INR 36,500

Complete Management Skills Assessment Kit
In this era of rapid change in training methodologies, one of the most powerful tools available to trainers is a vast range of instrumentation focusing on either the individual, team, or.....
Toolkit - US$ 149.50

Crisis in Mantique Exercise
A fast moving, challenging exercise that dramatizes how teamwork, open communication, active listening, a win-win negotiating approach and other strategies can overcome misunderstanding and bring.....
Game - US$ 149.95

Do We Have a Deal?
By focusing on Malcolm, a manager representing the company, and Miriam, a supervisor representing the staff, the film demonstrates negotiation strategies and tactics in action, as the two managers.....
DVD - INR 11,750

Don't Just Set Prices: Manage Them Strategically
When customers reject your price, it is often thought that the price is too high. But according to Tom Nagle, this may not be true. Price levels are only the visible "tip of the iceberg" of.....
DVD - US$ 95.00

Five Skills for Getting A Yes - Full Version
This video-based program is designed to help you develop the five most fundamental and effective negotiating skills.
DVD - INR 24,950

Five Skills for Getting A Yes - Short Version
This video-based program is designed to help you develop the five most fundamental and effective negotiating skills.
DVD - INR 19,750

From 'No' to 'Yes'
To give managers the skills of persuasion, vital in running meetings or trying to influence ot hers.
DVD - INR 28,750

Getting to Yes: The Video Workshop
Demonstrates a pragmatic and systematic approach to implementing interestbased negotiation, a powerful strategy for effectively pursuing your interests while simultaneously building long-term.....
DVD - INR 19,750

It's A Deal
To teach the techniques required for successful negotiating.
DVD - INR 31,500

Kennedys' Simulations for Negotiation Training
Improving negotiation skills has become an important part of the development of any manager or supervisor. But writing negotiating simulations that are effective can be a hit or miss exercise for.....
Toolkit - £ 175.00

Whether managers and supervisors negotiate one to one, in groups, for themselves, for their department, or for their organization, good negotiating skills are an absolute necessity. Negotiating.....
DVD - INR 8,950

Negotiating for Business Results
Negotiation takes place all the time. It plays a vital role in your everyday business and personal life; yet, many people view negotiation as an onerous exercise to be tolerated rather than.....
DVD - INR 8,950

Negotiating with Suppliers
Businesses need to negotiate more effectively with suppliers, not just on price. Pshchologist Eve Ash reminds us to be factual, clear, fast and persistent and avoid common mistakes. She offers.....
DVD - INR 5,950

Negotiating: Tying The Knot
To give staff at all levels the skills to achieve an equitable outcome to any negotiation.
DVD - INR 31,500

Negotiating: Tying The Knot - CDROM
To give staff at all levels the skills to achieve an equitable outcome to any negotiation.
Interactive CD-ROM - INR 13,250

Negotiation in the Workplace
In everyday life, negotiation is an important communication skill. This program explores the fundamentals and intricacies of the negotiation process through a fictional scenario of a high school.....
DVD - INR 9,950

Negotiation Skills
Use this pack to improve your colleagues' understanding of the negotiating process and the skills that go with it.
Toolkit - INR 10,950

Negotiation Sourcebook, The
This extensive collection of readings is designed both for people who negotiate and for those who design negotiation training programs. The articles cover a cross section of the type of negotiations.....
Game - US$ 49.95

Negotiation: Myths, Misperceptions and Damned Lies
Professor Neale debunks common negotiation myths as she shares the results of empirical research on negotiating strategies and the process of “mutual influence” that drives.....
DVD - US$ 95.00

Negotiations: Solving the Tough Problems
Negotiations: Solving the Tough Problems will increase not only your comfort level with negotiations but it will also increase your overall effectiveness as a.....
DVD - INR 19,750

Organizing Your Business Around the Customer
Customer relationship management is all about keeping customers happy. But not all customers are created equal. Roger Siboni explains that the secret is in differentiating your best customers, giving.....
DVD - US$ 95.00

Ploys, Gambits and Dirty Tricks of Negotiation
Written and narrated by Wayne Berry, well known author on negotiation skills, the focus of this video is to show you some tips on how to handle some of the most common situations you will handle in.....
DVD - INR 14,950

Power of Persuasion, The
Increase your power and influence with simple, guaranteed methods you'll start using right away. In this dynamic presentation, Robert Cialdini provides fascinating insights on how to be successful in.....
DVD - US$ 95.00

Practical Negotiation Skills
Two teams in critical negotiation. Is it about winning or ensuring neither loses? And just how good is your.....
Game - £ 395.00

Process of Negotiation, The
Everybody spends a significant proportion of their time negotiating with others.
DVD - INR 5,950

Skills, Techniques, and Strategies for Effective Negotiations
As a former federal mediator, Pat Cleary has been involved with just about every kind of negotiation. He describes common negotiation mistakes that unnecessarily complicate solutions and can prevent.....
DVD - US$ 95.00

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