Chanakya In You
Dr. Radhakrishnan Pillai in association with Chanakya Institute of Public Leadership (a part of University of Mumbai) bring to you a tool-kit to gain ancient knowledge, to be more proficient and to.....
Toolkit - INR 11,000

Developing an Emotionally Intelligent Team
Make sure your teams are delivering exceptional performance by using the 16 activities in Developing an Emotionally Intelligent Team.  You'll be able to develop teams in your organisation.....
Toolkit - INR 10,950

Parker Team Series, The
Complete set of ten booklets in a single 3-ring binder with reproducible CD. If you’re trying to figure out how to get more out of the team you’re responsible for managing help is on the.....
Toolkit - US $ 199.95

Self-Directed Teams, 50 Activities for
This collection of participative exercises will enable trainers and team leaders to foster the skills needed for creating and sustaining self-managing teams. Subjects covered include: building trust,.....
Toolkit - US$ 149.95

Session Builders Series 300: 50 Exercises for Teams
Improve team training with these simple, experiential exercises  Getting a team to gel, produce and be successful is never easy. Invariably, you’ll have team members who are inflexible.....
Toolkit - US $ 149.95

Team Building, 25 Instruments for
This new collection of instruments provides team building practitioners with tools designed to assist in the development of individuals, teams, and organizations. The instruments range from very.....
Toolkit - US$ 149.95

Team Challenges
Using this pack, you'll be showing teams how to pick up some absorbing competitive challenges while learning the real meaning behind.....
Toolkit - INR 10,950

Team Leader’s Development Manual, The
Motivate your supervisors to want to achieve their full potential and encourage them to take responsibility for developing their own people.....
Toolkit - INR 10,950

Team Skills Indicator (TSI)
Showing Commitment: • Putting the team first • Meeting team expectations • Supporting team decisions • Representing the team • Getting along with othersTaking Personal.....
Toolkit - INR 1,875

Team Working Activity Pack
This is fun and games with a serious purpose, helping team members practise a wide range of skills.
Toolkit - INR 10,950

Winning Teams
from "OK" to "good", from "good" to "better", from "better" to "excellent"
Toolkit - INR 9,950