10 Point Checklist Before Delivering Training
Avoid mistakes, anticipate problems and get organised so you feel confident and your session runs smoothly.   1. Logistics Check the room and layout possibilities beforehand Early arrival.....
DVD - INR 5,950

Basic Facilitation
Learn the skills and techniques you need to immediately increase productivity in all types of meetings and group interactions. .....
DVD - INR 21,750

Conducting Training Activities
Improve training sessions using case studies and role to ensure quality learning.
DVD - INR 5,950

Delivering Effective Training
The most important part of effective training isn't what trainers put into it, it's what learners take away from it. Help your employees take away the skills and concepts they need to do their jobs.....
DVD - INR 8,950

Designing And Delivering A Training Session
Learn to use adult learning principles to design an enjoyable and effective training session. Find out ways to improve your training.....
DVD - INR 5,950

Developing A Training Plan
Discover how to do a training needs analysis, and plan appropriate training activities. Learn how to evaluate outcomes to ensure the training has been.....
DVD - INR 5,950

Effective Training Techniques
Martin Broadwell, veteran trainer gives everything you need to train your new trainers, supervisors and managers. Covers six vital training topics: * Assessing readiness * Involvement techniques *.....
DVD - INR 12,950

Facilitation Skills
Lear how to structure and lead the way you facilitate meetings, discussions, and training sessions. A popular program with suggestions for leading.....
DVD - INR 5,950

Fearless Facilitation: How to Lead Effective Training/Meetings
Tired of inefficient meetings and ineffective training? This program is a perfect foundation for building fundamental facilitation skills which leads to greater.....
DVD - INR 24,750

Learning Needs Interview
Use this video for training managers to help their people think through their learning needs. Train them to encourage their people to think about the skills, knowledge & attitudes they.....
DVD - INR 14,950

Ten Training Tips
John Townsend is internationally acclaimed as an expert on the training of trainers. His numerous works on the subject include 'The Instructor's Pocketbook'. Today many people who are not specialist.....
DVD - INR 21,750

Tricks for Trainers
These 60 openers, closers, and energizers will enliven your training sessions and help your participants' content retention soar! Each trick is indexed along with suggested content for quick.....
DVD - INR 6,250

You Can Take It With You
Gives your trainees proven, practical techniques to help them remember and to use their newfound skills on the job.* Helps motivate employees to apply the skills from the training session when.....
DVD - INR 7,950