MMHRD Online


Astronaut Rescue Mission
Teams represent a group of astronauts on a training mission. Forced to evacuate the Space Station they have landed safely back on Earth in a remote region. What must they do to be rescued? The.....
Game - £ 395.00

Experiential Training Activities for Outside and In
Outdoor activities are a powerful and effective means of energizing a group and a potent means of changing both awareness and behaviour.This manual is packed full of practical outdoor activities plus.....
Game - US$ 139.95

Hurricane Disaster Exercise
The Hurricane Disaster Exercise is an exciting, realistic management simulation. It tests the ability of managers and supervisors to effectively develop plans and strategies, solve problems and make.....
Game - US$ 149.95

Leadership Challenge
Good leaders inspire and motivate - and they need to in this challenging activity. Teams first define what 'leadership' is before assessing their leader's performance over the course of this.....
Game - £ 450.00

Managing Change
It has been said that few people like change but that it's the way it's introduced that makes all the difference. Now here's your chance to find out. How it Works:Participants are divided into three.....
Game - £ 450.00

What Makes a Leader?
Identifies key leadership qualities and expposes some leadership myths. Teams select attributes they think describe a good leader. The choices are then evaluated.  True leadership is about.....
Game - £ 350.00