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A Kick In The Attitude
Let’s face it, we can all benefit from a positive attitude. In fact, we can all use a good “Kick In The Attitude” now and then. But how do you do it? Well, Sam Glenn has the.....
DVD - INR 19,750

Accentuate the Positive
Looking for a way to add some positive energy to your training session or meeting? The enchanting animals of SeaWorld will entertain managers and employees alike in this short whimsical program!.....
DVD - INR 10,750

And When You Fall...
In just 4 minutes, viewers follow Olympic skater Dan Jansen as he goes through stumbles and failures on his way to setting world records and winning an Olympic gold.....
DVD - INR 12,750

Attitude Virus, The (2nd Ed)
One negative attitude can infect an entire team and create an epidemic in the workplace. Learn how negativity spreads, killing productivity, motivation and profitability, and find out how to stop it.....
DVD - INR 34,750

Attitude: Its All In How You Look At It
This session starter uses inspiring quotes wrapped around music, visual images and graphics to energize your audience about attitudes and the effects they have on relationships and companies. This.....
DVD - INR 7,750

Attitude: Radiating Possibility!
Learn to transform old attitudes of negativity and doubt to new attitudes of courage and possibility!
DVD - INR 35,750

Baboon in your Business, The
The concrete jungle - a desolate environment starved of nutrition and excitement. Does it have to be like that? If one works through the lessons in this absorbing local production from the Lessons.....
DVD - INR 15,750

Best, The
Set to a background of inspiring triumphs this motivational programme leaves you with a fresh and "can" do attitude. A Punchy soundtrack and well timed suspense add to the film's feel good.....
DVD - INR 8,750

Beyond Impossible
This award-winning video provides a concise, upbeat, motivational message that enhances training sessions about creative problem solving, positive attitudes in the workplace and.....
DVD - INR 10,750

Boomerang:The Reciprocity Urge
A motivating 10-minute video with animation, a case study and featuring psychologist Peter Quarry… offering a simple lesson to create happy customers, cooperative team colleagues and motivated.....
DVD - INR 13,750

Bury My Heart at Conference Room B™
Bury My Heart at Conference Room B™ is like no other leadership approach you've seen. First of all, the thing actually works! Secondly, it's deeply empathic to the real world of today's.....
DVD - INR 24,750

Cheetah In Your Business, The
Organisational success today depends on being able to fast-track experience. As competition for talent increasingly becomes a global phenomenon, the ability of staff, supervisors and managers alike.....
DVD - INR 15,750

Chicken Soup for the Soul
Bring some Soup to your next training session with this treasure chest of inspirational anecdotes! Some of the stories presented: * The Magic Pebbles - "Gathering pebbles of wisdom" can.....
DVD - INR 4,750

Coaching to Develop Motivation
Discover why giving advce doesn't always help people to perform better at work. This results-oriented vdeo demonstrates a powerful coaching technique for ensuring that people take responsibility for.....
DVD - INR 13,750

Continuous Team Development
This video describes the factors that determine team success and how to handle a range of common teamwork difficulties.
DVD - INR 7,750

Coping With Retrenchment
Learn strategies to cope with emotional reactions and to stay motivated.
DVD - INR 7,750

Culture Of Freedom, A
This new Australian made production challenges the very foundations of today's corporate cultures.
DVD - INR 13,750

Dare To Dream
An early 19th century pharmacist buys a tonic formula from a farmer and discovers astounding success can be yours when you follow your dreams. Utilizing a unique story-telling format, viewers are.....
DVD - INR 10,750

Dealing with the Unmotivated Employee
Psychologists Eve Ash and Peter Quarry debate whether a manager should invest time and energy trying to find a way to satisfy the employee's needs, or encourage the employee tomove.....
DVD - INR 7,750

Developing Successful Mindsets
Steve’s negativity is now contagious. Wishing, whining and wasting time must change, so watch as his coworkers and bosses try to help him create a more positive outlook. They teach Steve: .....
DVD - INR 8,750

Even Eagles Need A Push
This outstanding video explores the character traits that separate the mundane from the magnificent, encouraging all who watch it to reach for their full potential. It's the perfect primer for.....
DVD - INR 17,750

Exercising Personal Power
Master the art of influencing and persuading others.
DVD - INR 13,750

Extra Mile, The
Every great event in history has been made up of many tasks in order for it to be a success. Every part of the team must do their best in order to get it right. This video is set against visions of.....
DVD - INR 8,750

Falling Up
With Falling Up you can turn even the most pessimistic workers into low-level optimists. Shawn’s research shows that optimistic salespeople made 37% more sales than pessimistic salespeople. Your.....
DVD - INR 11,750

Father & Son
The most versatile session starter in the world In 5 short minutes you can open people’s minds to-: question old ways of doing things think outside the square.....
DVD - INR 9,750

Imagine a workplace where everyone brings energy, passion, and a positive attitude with them every day. Employees at Seattle's world-famous Pike Place Fish Market do just that. “FiSH!”.....
DVD - INR 58,750

FISH! Culture
Would you like an organization that doesn't lack motivation? Would you like complaints to be rare, with the only shot in the arm needed is the annual flu.....
DVD - INR 84,750

Fish! Sticks
After filming FISH! we wondered if, down the road, the fishmongers would sustain their incredible environment. The answer came through a travelling FISH! friend: “I didn't think the place would.....
DVD - INR 51,750

Fish! Tales: Building Trust
When you watch the reenergized organizations in FISH! Tales, you will see how to "throw" the same kind of teamwork, service and commitment in your.....
DVD - INR 18,750

Fish! Tales: Jump Start
When you watch the reenergized organizations in FISH! Tales, you will see how to "throw" the same kind of teamwork, service and commitment in your.....
DVD - INR 18,750

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