American Accent Training
This second edition reflects almost ten years' research since the 1st edition. All aspects of the American accent are covered in detail -- intonation, liaisons and pronunciation. Through extensive.....
Interactive CD-ROM - INR 2,475

Business English Meetings
An interactive professinal development tool for nonnatives to learn about the language and culture of North American business meetings. Features: • Opening a meeting • Making a presentation.....
Interactive CD-ROM - US$ 95.00

North American Idioms, Customs and Culture
Learn colloquial English, Customs and Culture of North America • 192 Idioms • Click on any one to get a written definition and at least two examples of usage • The real fun.....
Interactive CD-ROM

Pronunciation Power 1
Beginner ESL: • Lessons & Exercises • Educational Phonics Games • Dynamic Karaoke Style Sentences • Record & Playback • Translation in 12.....
Interactive CD-ROM - US$ 155.00

Pronunciation Power 2
Intermediate / Advanced
Interactive CD-ROM - US$ 94.00

Pronunciation Power Idioms
This CD uses memorable and unique pictures to aid you in remembering your idioms!
Interactive CD-ROM - US$ 30.00

TOEIC Pronunciation in American English
"This course has definitely given me to ability to recognize my pronunciation defects. It is a superb multimedia software with a good flow of the subject. I would recommend all non-native.....
Interactive CD-ROM - US$ 30.00