MMHRD Online


Achieving More with Less
A complete training program designed to guide your team through a two to four hour training session.
DVD - INR 17,750

Delegating & Prioritising
Pressured and feeling like you never have enough time? Acquire practical techniques for gaining control over your work, setting priorities and delegating.....
DVD - INR 7,750

Delegating for Diehards
Delegating is a concept many people find frightening, and with good reason but if it’s done effectively, delegating can greatly improve productivity. Through a series of vignettes (including.....
DVD - INR 30,750

Delegating Responsibility
Supervisors learn what delegation is; why it's important; what is required & how to prepare for delegation. They learn delegation is often the most difficult - yet most important - task for new.....
DVD - INR 9,950

Effective Delegation
Three managers are expanding a regional sales office into a full operating depot for their company. Together they learn the benefits of good delegation and how to achieve it. The programme sets out.....
DVD - INR 26,750

How to Excel in Tricky Situations - Manager Moments Series
As a manager, recognizing a situation then quickly taking action is key to keeping your team motivated. These 5 bite-sized programs teach and refresh.....
DVD - INR 34,750

Leader Madness
Leadership is a powerful substance that can be easily abused. The key to using it wisely lies within each of us. This is the message of the entertaining video program “Leader Madness”......
DVD - INR 29,750

Leader's Guide to Delegating, A
A video workshop for managers, supervisors or anyone in a position to lead. Trainees learn and practice a five-step delegation process that will have a positive impact on employees throughout the.....
DVD - INR 34,750

Making Time
To help individuals focus on making the most of their time to the benefit of their work and personal lives.
DVD - INR 39,750

New Supervisor, The
This program is perfect for those new to supervision. It covers key topics such as attitude, delegation skills, productivity standards, coaching, and leadership skills. Viewers see real-world.....
DVD - INR 9,950

Paper Chase, The
To show people how to be more organised, efficient and effective in the way they handle paperwork.
DVD - INR 39,750

Recipe for Success
Rick Stein demonstrates his recipe for leading a team...
DVD - INR 31,750

Supervisor Toolkit
A library of 90 video clips (82 min) on following aspects of supervision: Hiring and Building Your Team Planning, Prioritizing, and Delegating Tasks Coaching and Training Motivating,.....
DVD - INR 34,750

Trust Your Team
This fast paced dramatic video reveals how delegating effectively and developing a participative management style increase productivity _ not an easy process, but success can be achieved by applying.....
DVD - INR 12,750

Unorganised Manager, The: Part 1: Damnation
To show managers the importance of adopting essential time-management and delegation skills.
DVD - INR 39,750

Unorganised Manager, The: Part 2: Salvation
To show managers the importance of adopting essential time management and delegation skills.
DVD - INR 39,750

Unorganised Manager, The: Part 3: Divine Intervention
To show organised managers the importance of organising their teams.
DVD - INR 39,750

You Can't Do It All
This film tackles head-on the five common barriers to delegation and how to overcome them. An ideal film for use with all supervisors and managers who have responsibilities for others'.....
DVD - INR 14,750

You'll Soon Get the Hang Of It
To explain how to teach people in your care how to do a job.
DVD - INR 39,750