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Achieving Cultural Competence, 50 Activities for
An outstanding source for training activities relating to employee empowerment. Today most executives and managers need to have an international business and cross-cultural perspective. 50.....
Toolkit - US$ 149.95

What makes Generation Y different? What experiences have influenced their attitudes, values and work styles? What do they need to be successful at work? How can organizations engage and inspire them.....
DVD - INR 21,950

Building the Multicultural Team - Diversity in the Workplace
As our world becomes increasingly global, your employees increasingly work with people from other cultures. Train your employees to work effectively in today's global.....
DVD - INR 17,950

Building The Transnational Team
To manage national, regional, linguistic and cultural differences at work. The video This video will help get the best out of an international team, whether people work with associates, suppliers,.....
DVD - INR 21,750

Building the Virtual Team - Communication Across Cultural Diversity
Ideal for team building exercises, Building the Virtual Team: Communication Across Cultural Diversity observes a group leader and the problems she faces in virtual team management as she struggles to.....
DVD - INR 17,950

Communicating Between Cultures
Some “cultural givens” are so deeply mbedded in thought patterns they lead to communication breakdowns. In this DVD you view and discuss a series of eye opening cross-cultural situations......
DVD - INR 6,250

Communicating In A Diverse World
How can we communicate in the workplace when differences in perspective, experience, job function and a myriad of other factors often lead to distrust, misunderstanding and even a stalemate on.....
DVD - INR 21,950

Cross-Cultural Communication
A lively, engaging dramatization in which you’ll observe a manager floundering as she tries to understand her employees and their culture, as she fails to understand the manager’s role in.....
DVD - INR 17,950

Cross-Cultural Understanding
As our world becomes increasingly interconnected, people need to develop greater cultural diversity skills. It's up to you to provide intercultural communication training to effectively communicate.....
DVD - INR 17,950

Cultural Awareness
You'll discover what happens when an American manager collides with his Muslim counterpart. Find out how poor communication leads to bad feelings and damaged relationships. This powerful.....
DVD - INR 17,950

Dialogue - Now You're Talking! Series
This four-part series explores the rules and techniques that distinguish a Dialogue from other forms of communication, such as debate or negotiation. Through Dialogue we can surface the often.....
DVD - INR 62,250

Dialogue for Cultural Understanding
How should we communicate in a world where differences in culture bring differences in perspective, experience, job function and a myriad of other factors that often lead to distrust,.....
DVD - INR 21,950

Discrimination in the Workplace
The need to understand what constitutes workplace discrimination is becoming increasingly important.
DVD - INR 7,450

Diversity Challenges: What Do You Do
Defining diversity and understanding how to navigate through a diverse workforce are two very different things.
DVD - INR 14,950

Doing Business In Argentina
At the other end of the world, you'll discover an elegant country and a people fiercely proud of their rich European heritage. Your success depends on communication and .....
DVD - INR 17,950

Doing Business In Brazil
There is only one Brazil, and to succeed here you must open up to this country and its passionate people.
DVD - INR 17,950

Doing Business In Chile
Covers need-to-know best practices for doing business in Latin America: culture, communication, management, negotiation, international business etiquette training and.....
DVD - INR 17,950

Doing Business In Indonesia
To avoid costly mistakes, you need proper training on business practices in Indonesia.
DVD - INR 17,950

Doing Business In Malaysia
To succeed in Malaysia - and avoid costly failure - you need proper preparation. Topics covered include culture, etiquette, communication, negotiation, management and .....
DVD - INR 17,950

Doing Business In Mexico
Join us on an exciting visit to intriguing Mexico, where you'll gain valuable insight into this important market and its diverse.....
DVD - INR 17,950

Ecosystem in Your Business
In this programme from the locally produced Lessons from the Wild Series, the zebra, through the use of stunning wildlife footage, is used as the metaphor to explore the concept of Managing .....
DVD - INR 12,250

Ensuring a Respectful Workplace
Insensitive racist remarks and talking behind people's backs cause hurt all round.
DVD - INR 6,950

How to Deal with Cultural Diversity in the Work Place
We all come from diverse backgrounds and we all view things from our own vantage point. Just because people do things differently doesn't mean they're wrong. They may just be looking at things in a.....
DVD - INR 8,950

Intercultural Communicating
To be successful in today's increasingly diverse workplace, you need to train your employees on effective communication in the cultural.....
DVD - INR 19,750

International Negotiating
To prosper in today's increasingly global business environment, you need to understand cultural influences on selling and negotiating. It's up to you to provide the training necessary for success......
DVD - INR 19,750

Is It Bias? Making Diversity Work.
Bias costs organizations billions in lost productivity, high turnover, and low morale, not to mention the risk of expensive.....
DVD - INR 24,750

Looking Great At Work
Understand the four levels of business casual from baseline casual to executive business casual. Learn the traditional white collar business look and see how to knot a tie. Part two of this very.....
DVD - INR 6,250

Managing Age Diversity
Age discrimination affects everyone, young, old and even those in-between. The stereotype of experience increasing and physical ability declining with age can be hard to challenge. Yet, experience.....
Toolkit - INR 9,950

Not My Type: Valuing Diversity
To encourage managers to question their misleading assumptions about other people and nurture the potential found in.....
DVD - INR 31,500

Not My Type: Valuing Diversity - CDROM
To encourage managers to question their misleading assumptions about other people and nurture the potential found in.....
Interactive CD-ROM - INR 13,250

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