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A.C.T. with Integrity
A.C.T. with Integrity: Real Situations for Discussion provides business ethics training that can serve as a vital complement to any business practices and legal compliance.....
DVD - INR 31,750

An Introduction to Business Ethics
Learn how to handle an ethical dilemma if confronted with one.
DVD - INR 7,750

Compliance is Just the Beginning
How do you make better ethical decisions at work? Just because a particular choice is legal does not make it right. Seeing legal compliance as the goal of ethics rather than the starting point can.....
DVD - INR 26,750

Discrimination in the Workplace
The need to understand what constitutes workplace discrimination is becoming increasingly important.
DVD - INR 7,750

Ethical Behaviour
What is ethical behaviour and does it really matter in today's workplace?
DVD - INR 7,750

Ethics 4 Everyone
Ethics 4 Everyone provides a powerful ethics overview for any type of organization. In just 15 minutes, viewers see why focusing on ethics is key to organizational and individual success. They are.....
DVD - INR 34,750

Ethics and Social Responsibility in Business
Increasingly consumers expect businesses to operate in an ethical and socially responsible manner. Many businesses abide by a Code of Conduct, either company-specific, or an industry standard. This.....
DVD - INR 11,750

Leaders of Character: Leadership - The West Point Way
At the US Military Academy at West Point, cadets are taught to lead with honor and character. This program documents how it's done and visits the workplaces of West Point grads who now apply these.....
DVD - INR 34,750

Matter of Integrity: Ethics, A
Takes a positive approach to help remind employees of the special trust placed in them by the bank and its customers. Role plays depict pressures which can lead good people astray _ and the personal.....
DVD - INR 9,950

Moment of Truth
Depicting 6 ethical dilemmas, this video demonstrates four questions that can help people find clarity and make the right decision.Will help your organization promote a culture of honesty and ethical.....
DVD - INR 34,750

Overcoming Personal Barriers to Diversity
Just about every organisation is interested in diversity and has introduced policies and programs that support diversity. However, implementing real change and an inclusive culture often boils down.....
DVD - INR 7,750

Privacy and Ethical Behavior
Casey stalks a customer and Barney bribes Carlos for information. Just about everyone at Cutting Edge is guilty of privacy abuses. Casey has been overly researching a client’s private.....
DVD - INR 8,750

Virtue in Business
Pam Lopker offers a CEO's perspective on the "three Rs" of business: reciprocation, relationships, and reputation. She questions whether legislation is the solution to the recent wave of.....
DVD - US$ 95.00

Voices of Truth
This beautiful meeting opener features engaging quotes from philosophers, historians, and world-famous leaders. It’s a perfect way to set the mood for your meeting on.....
DVD - INR 12,750