Achieving Communication Excellence
Effective interpersonal skills are at the heart of every successful project, team and organization. As long as there are individuals interacting in the workplace, there is a need for sharpened.....
DVD - INR 17,750

Developing an Emotionally Intelligent Team
Make sure your teams are delivering exceptional performance by using the 16 activities in Developing an Emotionally Intelligent Team.  You'll be able to develop teams in your organisation.....
Toolkit - INR 9,950

Developing Emotional Intelligence, 50 Activities for
The 50 reproducible activities in this resource book focus on developing a set of talents like self-awareness and control, empathy, social expertness, personal influence, and mastery of.....
Toolkit - US$ 149.95

Emotional Intelligence
This video explains the concept of Emotional Intelligence and how it can help managers and leaders to improve their.....
DVD - INR 7,750

Emotional Intelligence
Introduces an increasingly important topic that underpins good interpersonal skills and good team skills.The ActivityIn this fun, short board game participants find out exactly what emotional.....
Game - £ 395.00

Emotional Intelligence
In this video, Goleman himself introduces his ground- breaking discoveries on the emotional mind and focuses on emotion as another measure of intelligence, redefining what it means to be.....
DVD - INR 19,750

Emotional Intelligence (CRM)
It's been said that emotions should not be displayed at work. But studies now show that emotions can actually make us more effective on the job.See how four organizations have improved results by.....
DVD - INR 34,750

Giving Feedback
To develop feedback skills through a more emotionally competent approach.
DVD - INR 31,750

Increasing Emotional Intelligence
Oftentimes when faced with workplace challenges and obstacles, people succumb to self-defeating behaviors and negative emotions, to the detriment of their career and overall results. Learning how to.....
DVD - INR 17,750

Manager as Coach, The
Yvonne is about to lose a key member of her team. Anita helps her understand how a more positive coaching approach might solve the problem... A realistic workplace story with examples of good and.....
DVD - INR 31,750

Manager's Pocket Guide to Emotional Intelligence, The
One of the keys to becoming a true leader is emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence quotient (or EQ) encompasses qualities that go beyond general intellectual intelligence and technical.....
Book - US$ 14.95

Power Of Empathy, The
Learn about empathy, the crucial skill for dealing with emotional people. This video will help develop an attitude of compassion and caring for others. Discover the positive physical and.....
DVD - INR 7,750

Using Emotional Intelligence at Work
Introductory activities for developing EQ What it is, why it's important and how it contributes to personal and organisational.....
Toolkit - INR 9,950