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5 Questions Every Leader Must Ask

Engaging Your Team To Achieve Any Goal

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Today's leaders face tremendous pressure to solve problems, achieve goals, manage change and improve productivity. But leadership doesn't have to be so stressful. This program illustrates how solutions can easily present themselves when leaders ask team members the right questions and trust that "the answers are in the room."

Based on the book, Leadership Made Simple, by Ed Oakley and Doug Krug the program introduces a proven process called The Framework for Leadership™, consisting of 5 questions, which, when asked in a specific order, enable leaders to engage their team in finding and implementing effective solutions.

The Framework keeps groups from getting bogged down in the issue itself and the things that aren’t working. It focuses them instead on what is working. Possibilities and solutions are generated from there. The net effect is that:

  • Ideas, answers and solutions are born from the people closest to the work.
  • Conflicts are resolved and group dynamics are redirected in a positive way.
  • Employees become critical thinkers and have a sense of buy-in.
  • Ideas and solutions are successfully implemented.

The video program, hosted by Ed Oakley, teaches viewers the 5 questions and shows how real-world organizations have applied the framework to common, yet critical, workplace problems. Within the workshop, participants experience the versatility of the Framework as they complete exercises where the 5 questions are modified to suit specific situations or challenges. A follow-up "mini-framework" is taught for when the group needs to check in on their progress.

Whether your organization is working to institute a change initiative, resolve conflict, raise customer satisfaction, launch a new product or address a specific workplace challenge, your group leaders can use this program to achieve successful results.

  • Teaches a proven problem-solving process
  • Brings out a team's best ideas
  • Produces positive outcomes

  • Support Material - Leader's Guide, PPT Presentation, Particiapnt Worksheets
    Length - 27 minutes
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