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Are You OK?

Part of the 'Simple English' Series

Media Type - DVD
Author - Eve Ash, Dr Fran Byrnes

This program covers our wellbeing and simple language for feelingunwell, It introduces the use of should, simple words, expressions andtips and a practice section.

Introduction:  Carol, Barney, Steve and Serena introduce theprogram. 
Chatting:  People talk about how they feel - sick, notwell, better, good, great, fantastic. 
Language and grammar:  Should. Saying what we think I should; Youshould; We should; Asking what we think; Should you -?; Should I -? 
New words:  ache I A cold I A sore throat I A cough IHealthy food 
Funny things we say:  What-s wrong? | Sick as a dog 
Listen and repeat:  Clips selected from this video, followed by areal time gap to repeat what you hear. 
Tips:  Carlos (from Mexico) and Tammy (from China)share their experiences about learning English, and give some tips.

  • Support Material - PPT Slides, Activity Workbook
    Length - 18 minutes
  • Pricing
    Price - INR 6,950
    Intl. Price - A$ 275.00
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