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Beyond Words For Healthcare

A Body Language Guide for Healthcare Professionals

Media Type - DVD

Can you imagine a situation where you could communicate with your patients without saying a word? Or create an environment where your patients feel safe, comfortable, and free to discuss their health? Well now you can!

Day after day, your patients are communicating with you through body language – and you are communicating back to them through your body language.

Recognizing the most common body language cues can help you to understand what a patient may be thinking, but not necessarily saying. More importantly, learning body language cues can help you diagnose patients more accurately.

Beyond Words for Healthcare will improve your ability to communicate with patients. The major challenge that exists in the healthcare industry today is the ability to strike a balance between business efficiency and taking the time to provide needed bedside manners.

Key Learning Points
  • Understand the key body language cues that communicate proper bedside manners while still maintaining business efficiency
  • Improve communication between staff and patient
  • Express yourself in ways that will convey likable qualities to both patients and co-workers
  • Learn about the importance of facial expressions, hand cues, body positioning, and more

  • Support Material - Comprehensive Leader's Guide
    Length - 24 minutes
  • Pricing
    Price - INR 27,750
    Intl. Price - US$ 695.00