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Core: Introduction to Control and Data Systems

Part of Automation Control & Instrumentation Series

Media Type - Interactive CD-ROM

Overview The CORE - Introduction to Control and Data Systems training program, or unit, is designed to familiarize trainees with the role of information systems in plant operations and the elements of modern information systems. After completing this program, the trainees should be able to identify the information needs of typical plant functional elements and explain how information gets into an information system. They should also be able to describe system architecture and explain how to use environment software and application software.

Objectives List the information needs of typical plant functional elements. Explain how alarms work in modern plants. List the routes by which information gets into the system. Explain I/O bus, LAN, WAN, client-server, and the role of network standards. Explain the function of an operating system. Describe the characteristics of common operating systems. Explain the role of operating system and network software. Explain virtual instrumentation. Explain programmable logic controller (PLC) program creation. Describe how to use graphical objects to create the system data structure and HMI. Describe password hierarchy and the need for security. Describe the functions and architecture of a SCADA system.

Information and Plant Operations Information Needs Information Sources
Information Systems
System Architecture Environment Software Application Software

  • Product Code - ACCIC
    Support Material - One User Guide and Five Handbooks
    Length - 1 to 2 hours
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  • Part of the Automation Control & Instrumentation Series.