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Even Eagles Need A Push

The perfect primer for personal excellence

Best Seller

Media Type - DVD
Author - David McNally

This outstanding video explores the character traits that separate the mundane from the magnificent, encouraging all who watch it to reach for their full potential. It's the perfect primer for personal excellence.

Empowerment is perhaps the most crucial process taking place in organizations today. Intensifying economic and competitive pressures are forcing employees at all levels to do more with less and to be more creative, proactive, flexible, responsible and committed.

To meet these new demands, self-directed work teams and self-managed employees are being groomed all across the organizational landscape. As traditional distinctions between "manager" and "employee" rapidly become obsolete, all organizational members need to learn how to successfully empower themselves and others.

Even Eagles Need a Push
is a video primer for the dawning Era of Empowerment. In it, David McNally guides viewers through the principles of his best-selling book of the same title. Skillfully mixing compelling visual metaphors with timeless wisdom and personal insights, the film will show your audience how to empower themselves and unleash their potential by finding meaning in their work. This process of empowerment, explained in detail in the film, revolves around developing five vital qualities: self-appreciation, vision, purpose, commitment and contribution.

Participants will learn the five qualities of self-empowerment:

  • Self-appreciation
  • Vision
  • Purpose
  • Commitment
  • Contribution.

  • Support Material - Leader's Guide
    Length - 24 minutes
  • English Version
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    Intl. Price - US$ 495.00
    Hindi Version
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