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First Among Equals: Leading a Team - CDROM

Standalone e-learning CDROM

Media Type - Interactive CD-ROM

There are three steps managers should take to inspire their teams: give them confidence in the value of their specific role in the team, confidence in their value as individuals and confidence in their value as part of a team.

This programme tells the story of George, who is given the role of team leader. With the help of Harry and his team at the local pub, George learns that being in charge doesn’t mean having all the answers, but means involving the team and using their skills, experience and initiative to find them.

Suitable for all managers and team leaders – either for ad-hoc project teams or permanent teams – this engaging programme presents clear and memorable messages to help inspire everyone involved.

The key outcomes:

  • Teaches skills to enhance team dynamics and success
  • Creates effective team leaders

e-learning course contains:

  • Trailer
  • Pre-test
  • Introduction and objectives
  • What are the team leaders for?
  • Give team members confidence
  • Team members as individuals
  • Team members and the team
  • Review
  • Action plan
  • Knowledge check

The e-learning course uses Video Arts memorable video content and includes thought-provoking questions that ensure the user is learning and being challenged.

Bite-size modules allow individuals to go at their own pace as they work their way through the demonstrations, tutorials and video clips.

Each e-learning title includes:

  • Pre-test to establish current knowledge and determine which modules the learner needs to complete
  • Test results and summary notes at the end of each module
  • Glossary of commonly used terms and key video clips
  • Final knowledge check to test retention
  • Full tracking and reporting capabilities
We provide access to full tracking and reporting so you can keep up-to-date with the learner’s progress. All our courses are fully SCORM-compliant for use with learning management systems and virtual learning environments.

  • Publisher - Video Arts
    Support Material - Standalone e-learning CDROM with: Pre-test, Memorable video content, Thought-provoking questions, Full tracking, Reporting capabilities
  • Pricing
    Price - INR 15,250
    Intl. Price - £ 599.00
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    Also available as a DVD Video:
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