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Front of the Class, The

What It Takes to Be a True Leader

Best Seller

Media Type - DVD
Subject(s) - Leadership

The Front of the Class video is a touching leadership training film full of wit and wisdom that draws on school classroom recollections to teach and inspire new supervisors on the qualities of a true leader.

Being a supervisor is like moving to the front of the class: everyone around you is watching your moves and expecting the best. But it takes more than a promotion or a job title to be a great supervisor. It takes leadership. The backbone of this program is a simple question every supervisor must continually ask themselves...


"You only succeed when
they do, so what do they need
from you to succeed?"


Hilarious recollections of a child's best and worst teachers, the moving story of a classroom hero, flashbacks to the teacher's pet and everyone's favorite homework excuses, bring wisdom, warmth and a sense of humor to a memorable lesson on the qualities of a true leader.

The Front of the Class's Key Learning Points...

  • Be FIRST
    • Set the Mood
    • Set the Pace
    • Set the Standards
  • Be FAIR
    • Don't Play Favorites
    • Share the Credit
    • Take the Heat
  • Be FIRM
    • State the Facts
    • Get Agreement
    • Explore for a Solution
    • Assume the Best
    • Make Room for Good Ideas
    • Admit When Wrong

  • Support Material - Leader's Guide
    Length - 22 minutes
  • Pricing
    Price - INR 34,750
    Intl. Price - US$ 945.00