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Giving Leadership Away

The first reaction of most new leaders is to take on more work รข?? it's a natural reflex.

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Media Type - DVD
Subject(s) - Leadership

The first reaction of most new leaders is to take on more work — it's a natural reflex.  How else can they be sure their project gets done right?  But the more the leader takes on, the less motivated the team members become.  The greatest challenge for team leaders is to let go of their work. The leader's job is to provide the tools, motivation and direction the team members need to do the work itself.  Unfortunately, many leaders get no formal training in running a team.  "Giving Leadership Away" can help both new and experienced leaders take on that challenge.

In this video, a newly promoted team leader learns that giving leadership away is not as easy as it seems.  Used to making decisions himself, he starts making decisions for the team, inadvertently preventing them from doing their jobs.  And when he does try to share responsibility, team members are not always willing or able to take on the task. 

The solution comes surprisingly from a jar of Legos and some unconventional advice.  They provide him with the direction he needs to begin sharing leadership and fostering everyone's potential.

  • Establish Common Goals
    - Set goals as a group
    - Encourage everyone to contribute

  • Allow People To Do Their Jobs
    - Avoid interfering with work
    - Encourage people to make decisions.
    - Support self-reliance
  • Agree On Levels Of Responsibility
    - Establish levels of responsibility 
    - Gain commitment to responsibilities
    - Build people's confidence in their own abilities
  • Hold Individuals Accountable
    -  Don't allow people to shirk responsibilities
    -  Point out problems
    -  Support people in solving their own problems
  • Keep Team Focused On Goals
    - Do not allow individuals to veer off track
    - Provide support and motivation

  • Support Material - Leader's Guide, Participant Worksheets & PPT
    Length - 19 minutes
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      Leader's Guide

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    Price - INR 25,750
    Intl. Price - US$ 695.00