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Media Type - Game

How it works
Four teams, A B C & D, based on the Moon, have a number of tasks to complete in readiness for their return journey to Earth. They must set up a laser beacon, erect a flag and collect rock samples. Oxygen supplies are getting low so the work involves careful forward planning and full liaison with the other teams. But just when teams are getting 'all the boxes ticked' they receive an emergency communication from Mission Control, Houston! All is not well. There is a critical problem with a carbon dioxide filter on the spacecraft. With already limited oxygen and now the added shortage of time, can teams, with the help of Mission Control and the materials available, construct a life-saving replacement filter - and save themselves? Full Trainer's Notes, Action Plan, Key Points Handout and Team self-assessment forms are all included to accompany the Debrief and ensure lessons are learned.

What it does
The essence of this exercise is two-fold. First, it's about effective teamwork but it's also about cooperating with other teams to obtain a successful outcome. As well, various constraints challenge more specific aspects of team performance: constraints imposed on communication between teams makes them think more carefully about what they say and how to share information (at meetings or in writing). Lack of oxygen means teams must cope with issues of limited resources. The activity stresses the need to think carefully, plan ahead and schedule tasks between the four teams to achieve all the objectives within the deadline. The additional problem from Mission Control, arriving well into the activity, challenges teams to cope with the unexpected, react to change, follow instructions 'to the letter' and work under pressure. Great fun and masses for teams to talk about at the Debrief! And lots of learning issues to consolidate.

Learning Benefits

  • Teamwork
  • Inter-Team Cooperation
  • Problem-solving
  • Communication skills - oral and written
  • Listening
  • Coping with resource constraints
  • Coping under pressure

No of Players
4 teams

About 1.5 hours

Customer feedback
"Very effective learning on teamwork and communication skills. No single team can achieve the objective - it has to be a joint solution. Another very powerful, Northgate activity."
– P. Harlington, ANSA Business Development

"A real winner! Very positive feedback from participants about the way the activity related to work."
– T. Hall, TBT Associates

"Fun, challenging, engaging. Learning points emerge as individuals reflect. Well explained and everything you need is in the pack."
– M. Stephenson, Motivation in Motion

  • Publisher - Northgate Training
    Support Material - See 'Pack Contents' abive
    Length - 1.5 hours
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    Intl. Price - £ 450.00