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Keeping the Good Ones

Treat your team members as people first and employees second.

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Media Type - DVD

This management training video should simply be considered Management 101.

This groundbreaking film takes us into the world of a seasoned manager who is learning that his team are "people first, and employees second." Whether you're a new manager who is learning the ropes or a seasoned manager who wants a fresh perspective on what managing people is all about, this video is a must-have for your library.

Keeping the Good Ones is a management and leadership training video that deals with positive employee - manager relationships and employee retention. It will inspire managers and provide them with practical tools which they can use to keep the good people they already have.

In the end, keeping the good ones comes down to connecting with each member of your team on a regular basis. The great news is that this doesn't cost the company a dime.

Key Learning Points:

  • Offer YOURSELF as a person
        Employees are people first, employees second
        Start each day off by connecting in a non-work way

  • Offer your TIME with a regular Take 10 Check-in
    How are you doing?
        How is the team doing?
        How can I help?

  • Offer your APPRECIATION
    You want them there
        You value them as a person
        You value their contribution to the team
Suggested Uses: Management/leadership training workshops; staff retention training
Business Needs: Decreasing employee dissatisfaction; improving employee morale; positively impact the bottom line by reducing costs associated with employee turnover
Training Needs: Employee retention; managing people
Audience: All managers

One of the most memorable bits of wisdom that flows forth from Keeping the Good Ones, and there are many, is the notion that effective managers treat their employees like people first and workers second. Grace, Maria, Devon, and Tony will show you why it's so important. And, Marvin will show you that treating them like people first might require a significant behavioral change, but one that is worth the effort...


Customer Testimonials
YYYYY Meghan Wiley(Holiday Inn Express)
All of the General Manager's in our hotel management company have read the book "From Good to Great". The Keeping the Good Ones video is a great tool to demonstrate the concepts from the book. The video follows the sames principles from the book and is a great resource to use to reinforce the book. Any managers/supervisors involved in hiring, training, and motivating employees would benefit greatly from Keeping the Good Ones Video and you will find your employees will be much happier and enjoy their jobs.

YYYYY Dave Maxwell(TRAX International)
Relevant and engaging personnel management training for senior supervisors and managers is hard to come by, and "Keeping the Good Ones" fills that gap. We can all relate to the main character's transition from clueless to trying too hard to achieving a final balance. The 10-Minute-Check-In was not especially well blended into the rest of the presentation, but we plan to make a virtue of necessity by using the abrupt introduction of that teaching point as a logical break point for discussion.

  • Support Material - Leader's Guide
    Length - 26 minutes
  • Pricing
    Price - INR 34,750
    Intl. Price - US$ 945.00