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Leadership Sins

New Arrivals

Media Type - DVD

Leadership requires awareness, open communication and the ability to empower others. David makes several mistakes managing Anne, and after a feedback session he makes some changes.

Version 1: Drama only - 9 minutes.
Version 2: With Psychologist Eve Ash commentary - 13 minutes

  • Part 1: The Sins -David doesn't discuss and agree on the way they will work together, doesn't listen and continually interrupts, fails to acknowledge good work, invades personal space, is inflexible about the way things are done, is oblivious to Anne's body language and the impact of his own behavior.
  • Part 2: Feedback - Anne gives David specific feedback about his behavior and how it makes it hard for her to work effectively. David acknowledges the feedback and accepts the need to change.
  • Part 3: Empowerment - David discusses career goals with Anne and brings out her motivation.

  • Support Material - Workbook with activities and handouts.
    Length - 22 minutes
  • Pricing
    Price - INR 14,750
    Intl. Price - A$ 495.00