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Ouch! That Stereotype Hurts

Communicating Respectfully in a Diverse World

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Media Type - DVD

Demeaning comments, stereotypes and bias have no place in today's organizations, yet few people have the courage to speak out against these attitudes and behaviors. This program gives people easy-to-use techniques for putting an end to disrespect without blame or guilt.

What do you do if someone you care about is the target of demeaning stereotypes? What if you are being demeaned or stereotyped? How often do you speak up on behalf of respect? Nevertheless, most employees and leaders who want to speak up don't know how... so they say nothing.

What Does OUCH! Do?
In a unique and powerful way, viewers will experience the impact of stereotypical comments, explore why people don't speak up against stereotypes and other biased behaviors, and learn six techniques for speaking up without blame or guilt.

The Video Includes Three Sections:

  1. 12-minute Main Video with introduction, stories, and speaking up
  2. 5-minute video-based Speaking Up Activity [skills reinforcement]
  3. 13 1/2-minute alternate OUCH! video [vignettes incorporated into main presentation]

OUCH! Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the impact of stereotypes and biased statements, even when casually said.
  • Identify the most common reasons people sit silent in the face of bias and stereotypes.
  • Enhance skills for speaking up against stereotypes without blame or guilt.

The OUCH! package also includes:

  • Leader’s Guide and PowerPoint presentation [CD]
  • 1 copy of the book, “Ouch! That Stereotype Hurts”
  • 10 reminder cards with the OUCH! techniques

  • Support Material - Leader's Guide, Book, Reminder Cards
    Length - 30 minutes
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      Leader's Guide

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    Price - INR 27,750
    Intl. Price - US$ 695.00