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Project Management for Work Groups

Facilitator's Guide for The Project Manager's Partner

Media Type - Toolkit
Author - Mich'l Greer
Subject(s) - Project Management

This is a ready-to-run 1-5 day project management workshop using the Project Manager's Partner that ends in a fully articulated project plan. Project Management for Work Groups complements the Partner by getting your part-time project managers working through project management processes and using the correct tools, terminology, and techniques. Project Management for Work Groups is designed to be used either by the novice or veteran facilitator. It includes guidelines for fast customization to fit different time constraints and work environments.

To ensure performance outcomes are met, an extensive follow-up coaching guide enables the facilitator to guide, instruct, facilitate, and benchmark the participant's project as it unfolds. Overhead masters are provided on disk in either Microsoft PowerPoint or Adobe Acrobat format. Microsoft PowerPoint Code: PMWGP Adobe Acrobat Fortmat: PMWGP

  • Publisher - HRD Press
    Product Code - PMWGP
    Length - 3-Ring Binder * 240 pp
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    Intl. Price - US$ 195.00