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Project Manager's Partner, The

A Step-by-Step Guide to Project Management

Media Type - Book
Author - Mich'l Greer
Subject(s) - Project Management

With the downsizing of businesses, project management is no longer a specialized profession but rather a set of competencies, skills, and behaviors that have general application. The work groups and individuals called on to be part-time project managers need tools that will help them plan, execute, control, and close out project events. These tools must be easily understood and usable right away, in real time. The Partner is composed of step-by-step performance tools such as checklists, worksheets, guidelines, and other valuable support materials that will help plan and work through project events.

These tools are organized around 20 key action items that guide the project management process. The Partner also contains a glossary of project management terms which will establish a clear terminology for communications between project participants, as well as a set of practical instructions that support the use of project management software. The Partner is based on the established best practices in the field, as featured in the Project Management Institute's Body of Knowledge (PMBOK).

  • Publisher - HRD Press
    Product Code - PMP
    Length - Paperback * 160 pp
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    Intl. Price - US$ 39.95