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Twelve Angry Men: Teams That Don't Quit - Updated

With clips from the classic movie, this video offers a fascinating study of team dynamics.

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Media Type - DVD
Author - Dr. Margaret Wheatley
Subject(s) - Teams

Using selected clips from the classic movie "Twele Angry Men" starring Henry Fonda and a stellar supporting cast. It presents a vivid example of a team fighting its way to success. In scene after scene, we watch the intense interactions among members of a jury in a murder case. Charged by the judge to do your duty, this team of jurors must determine whether the accused is guilty or not guilty.

This innovative video highlights five important concepts of great significance to our life at work:

  • Open inquiry
  • Accepting responsibility for making a decision
  • Equality of team members as participants in the process
  • Value of conflict in uncovering ideas and new information
  • The essential role of diversity in making effective decisions
This video presents a dynamic and engaging look at how to create effective teams through the lens of a classic movie. The program is narrated by Dr. Margaret Wheatley, former professor of management at Brigham Young University and author of several best-selling books on leadership and organizational behaviour. Dr. Wheatley shows us the parallels between the dramatic confrontations we see on the screen and certain behaviours familiar to work groups.

The video is divided into five key-message segments:
  • Segment 1: A Different Kind of Leadership: Effective team leaders encourage everyone to participate on an equal basis
  • Segment 2: The Decision-Making Environment: A work group entrusted with a decision cannot allow itself to avoid its responsibility, but must stay together and work through its differences.
  • Segment 3: An Assumption of Equality: One person, one vote is the operating rule for effective teams. Every idea is heard without judgement or comment, every idea has equal value.
  • Segment 4: The Nature of Conflict: When team members have a common goal and feel accountable to each other, conflict can safely be used to see and understand varying points of view.
  • Segment 5: Diversity and Inclusion: Quality decisions depends on tapping the diversity of experience present in a group.

  • Support Material - Facilitator's Guide
    Length - 25 minutes
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