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What it Really Takes to be A World Class Company

Learn what it takes to be a world class company from the World Class Masters!

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Media Type - DVD
Author - Clem Sunter

The world is now an open economy where each and every one of us is up against world class competition - national boundaries have disappeared.


In this programme, Clem Sunter, an international authority on scenario planning, explains what it really takes for big multi-nationals and small enterprises to graduate to world class status. He offers seven attributes and one rule applicable to world class companies.


Attributes of world class companies:

  • Differentiation - the source of competitive advantage
  • Focus - to keep its niche in the market, but able to adapt to constant change
  • Thinking globally - measuring ourselves against global standards
  • Perpetual Spirit of Innovation - to survive in perpetual transition
  • Sensitive Radar System - to detect and capture unexpected but possible futures
  • Retention of Talent - for long-term success talent needs to be retained and satisfied
  • Social and Environmental Responsibility - to be a world class organisation a balance needs to be achieved between economic development and conservation of the environment - good all-round management
  • 5 x 10 x 10 Rule - world class companies should grow their earnings per share at 5% per annum over 10 years and offer their shareholders a 10% per annum compound return over the same period

  • Support Material - Discussion Guide
    Length - 23 minutes
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