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Win Teams: How One Company Made Empowerment Work

How One Company Made Empowerment Work

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Media Type - DVD
Subject(s) - Teams

Among the success stories of empowerment and employee involvement, few are as dramatic and inspiring as that of the Ericsson G.E. Mobile Communications plant in Lynchburg, Virginia.

This video demonstrates how an employee involvement program transformed a company. The real people involved - workers, supervisors, and managers - recreate the dramatic story of how they turned their company around.

This video provides a realistic model of how one type of employee involvement program works--and of how one company was able to successfully change its corporate culture-- raising issues for viewers to consider and adapt to their own situation.

It demonstrates to workers, supervisors, and managers that self directed work teams can and do work, not just for the company’s benefit, but for everyone’s.

It also prepares viewers for the often difficult process of change, by inspiring them to see that change can be for the better, and by reassuring them that their doubts and fears are not only shared by others, but are a natural part of the change process itself.

* Management Groups
* Employee Groups
* Self Directed Teams
* Business Education Classes

This video has been designed primarily to motivate employees to take a more active role in employee involvement programs. After seeing the video and discussing its application to their own situations, viewers will be better able understand the Learning Points below. 


  • Understand the elements needed for a successful employee involvement program
  • Prepare for their own and others’ reaction to a major cultural change
  • Recognize the benefits of employee involvement to employees, supervisors and managers
  • Accept personal responsibility for improving their workplace

  • Support Material - Leader's Guide
    Length - 22 minutes
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