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Appraisal Game, The

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How it works
In this popular exercise participants begin with a questionnaire to record their thoughts and concepts of the appraisal process - many people simply have the wrong idea of what appraisal is all about. In the second stage, working in groups, participants get to grips with the fears and objections of appraisal, the benefits of conducting appraisals and the different types of forms. Finally, participants have the opportunity to prepare and conduct an appraisal interview - taking the roles of both appraisee and appraiser.

What it does
This activity focuses on many aspects of the appraisal process, and ways to get the best from it. Useful for getting people’s fears and objections out into the open and allowing them to view the appraisal in a positive light. Teams see how appraisal interviews are best conducted, what questions work and what objectives each party should work towards.

Learning Benefits
Defining appraisal
Understanding the benefits of appraisal
Conducting an appraisal interview
Preparing for appraisal
The concept of 'critical incidents'

No. of Players
2 or 4 teams

About 2 hours

Customer feedback

"Overall impression: brilliant! It’s flexible and fits beautifully with other development training - such as feedback and assertiveness. The best appraisal training activity that I’ve seen."
– A. Shaw, Carshaw Consultants

"A good training exercise and would recommend it to anyone. I have run three sessions so far and all were different but participants felt they learnt a lot and have since produced some good appraisals. The key learning points are that the appraisal experience should be 'positive' and a 'two-way' process and that preparation is absolutely essential."
– S. Sharkey, Mathmos Ltd

"We all learnt from each other and found 'The Appraisal Game' extremely useful."
– Participant's comment.

  • Publisher - Northgate Training
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    Length - 2 hours
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