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Adult Learning Principles

Part of 'Take Away Training' series

Media Type - DVD
Author - Eve Ash

Are you involved in designing or delivering training and education to adults?
If so, then make sure you discover how adults learn best and avoid the common mistakes often made.

Training Points

Origin of Adult Learning Principles:

  • Developed my a man named Malcolm Knowles
  • Difference between the way adults and children learn
  • When dealing with adults you need to use a whole different approach to training than with a child
  • If you treat adults like children there are going to be problems

Adults Want Control:

  • They don't want to be told what to do
  • Ask them what it is they want to learn and why they are doing training
  • Give them control over minor things as well, eg. When would you like to break for lunch?

Recognise and Use Experience:

  • Create warm environment
  • Find out about peoples experience
  • Show respect for their experience
  • Use the experience and draw on it

Active not Passive Learning:

  • Adults like to set their own learning goals
  • Avoid long lectures and try more involving activities, eg. handouts and group questions
  • Avoid PowerPoints with too much text or just reading from the slides
  • Research shows when you actively involve learners, their attention and comprehension goes up significantly more than when you lecture them

Problem not Subject Oriented:

  • Children at school study subjects, adults want to solve problems they are having
  • Find out difficulties they are having

Immediate Application:

  • Children at school learn things and the idea is it will apply one day in the future, distant application
  • Adults want immediate application, they want to go out tomorrow and apply it
  • Learning is designed so that they can do the learning then
  • transfer and apply the learning int everyday work

Trainer = Facilitator:

  • Managing a process
  • Find a great educator and talk to them, experience shows
  • Trainer is not there as the subject matter expert, you are a facilitator

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- Understanding Group Dynamics
  • Length - 18 minutes
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