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Cutting Edge English At Work Series (20 Program Set)

Video Programs for Learning English

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Media Type - DVD
Author - Eve Ash
Subject(s) - Language Learning

These 20 groundbreaking programs combine psychology, linguistics and instructional design, and engage learners through:

  • • amusing situations
  • • entertaining characters
  • • interesting conversations
  • • authentic language
  • • strong storylines
  • • high quality production
  • • practical graded activities.
20 FUN ESL VIDEOS Shot on location in USA
For self-study or group ESL lessons at work, school, college or university. Have fun learning English as it is REALLY spoken! Language and instructional design by linguistics expert Dr. Fran Byrnes and Psychologist Eve Ash

Each video has five sections:
  • Language Functions: Explores how we do things with language such as apologizing, agreeing, comparing, giving reasons, explaining, asking etc.
  • Grammar: Looks at key elements of grammar and syntax, such as: tenses, comparatives, modals, questions, gerunds, conditionals and more.
  • Idioms: Explains common idiomatic expressions that non-English speakers often find confusing.
  • Vocabulary: Helps increase word knowledge by highlighting challenging vocabulary in everyday conversations.
  • Pronunciation: Provides help with English sounds and rhythms for those new to the language. 

Listed below are the titles included in this set:

01. Greeting and Introducing
Learn to introduce yourself and others, and use the correct possessive pronouns - my, his, her, our, your and their.

02. Saying Where People Are
Learn the right preposition to say where people are and use the present continuous tense for actions in progress.

03. Describing People
Learn to describe people positively and negatively, and use regular and irregular comparatives and superlatives. 

04. Asking Questions
Learn to ask for information, recognize rhetorical questions and use closed, open and statement questions to get quality answers.

05. Saying What's Needed
Learn to talk about what’s needed and how to use modal verbs such as have to, should and must correctly.

06. Giving Reasons
Learn to give reasons using because and talk about past actions using irregular forms of the simple past tense.

07. Describing Feelings
Learn to express positive and negative feelings, and talk about habitual actions and events using the simple present tense.

08. Making Suggestions
Learn the important skill of making suggestions and talk about future plans using going to.

09. Talking About Rules
Learn to understand and explain rules and use appropriate adverbs and quantifiers to talk about degree and frequency.

10. Communicating Feedback
Learn to give and receive feedback and talk about what has happened using the present perfect tense. 

11. Complaining and Criticizing
Learn to recognize and express criticism and complaints and use the present perfect tense with periods of time. 

12. Clarifying and Explaining
Learn to explain and clarify situations and ideas and use gerunds as the subject of the sentence. 

13. Agreeing and Disagreeing
Learn to agree or disagree appropriately and use the first conditional to express possibilities. 

14. Discussing Responsibilities
Learn how to explain responsibilities and use the second conditional to express possibilities.

15. Giving Warnings
Learn how to explain responsibilities and use the second conditional to express possibilities.

16. Expressing Ideas and Attitudes
Understand and discuss ideas and attitudes and improve your fluency using coordinating conjunctions - and, so and but.

17. Apologizing
Learn to apologize appropriately and identify verbs that take the infinitive –want, seem, attempt, demand, expect, like and love.

18. Encouraging Others
Learn ways to encourage others and check understanding using the correct question tags. 

19. Comparing and Contrasting
Learn to compare and contrast people and situations and use what as the subject of the sentence rather than as a question.

20. Considering Options
Learn to discuss various options and improve your conversation skills using subordinating conjunctions.

Language Learning Methodology:
This series promotes communication and language competence by building
the desire and motivation to learn and the confidence to try. Confidence in
learning and using English leads to successful communication.

  • Support Material - PPT Slides, Activity Workbooks, Answer Sheets, Certificate
    Length - 20 Videos: 15 mins each
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