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101 American English Idioms
Harry Collins has arranged common everyday idioms into nine lighthearted sections – including • The Body Has Many Uses • People Do the Strangest Things • When Things Go Wrong.....
Book - INR 1,590

Accent Training
Learn changes required to effectively create a variety of accents. Not just samples for imitation, but systematic lessons:Lilt, Stress, Resonance, & Pronunciation. American Southern Boston .....
Audio CD - INR 1,500

Accents & Dialects for Stage and Screen
This CD demonstrates all the signature sounds of the accent or dialect in word lists, then gives the sounds in practice sentences, finally building up to more difficult practice sentences. Also.....
Audio CD - INR 7,500

American Tongues
Southerners talk too slowly. New Yorkers are rude. New Englanders don't say much at all. Anybody who lives in the U.S. knows the clichés about how people in the various parts of the country.....
DVD - INR 12,950

Business English Meetings
An interactive professinal development tool for nonnatives to learn about the language and culture of North American business meetings. Features: • Opening a meeting • Making a presentation.....
Interactive CD-ROM - INR 4,500

Pronunciation Power 1
Beginner ESL: • Lessons & Exercises • Educational Phonics Games • Dynamic Karaoke Style Sentences • Record & Playback • Translation in 12.....
Interactive CD-ROM - US$ 154.95

Pronunciation Power 2
Intermediate / Advanced
Interactive CD-ROM - US$ 93.95

Pronunciation Power Idioms
This CD uses memorable and unique pictures to aid you in remembering your idioms!
Interactive CD-ROM - US$ 29.95

Sound & Style of American English
Audio Course in Accent Reduction
Audio CD - INR 1,500

TOEIC Pronunciation in American English
"This course has definitely given me to ability to recognize my pronunciation defects. It is a superb multimedia software with a good flow of the subject. I would recommend all non-native.....
Interactive CD-ROM - US$ 30.00