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Beer Game, The
The Beer Game was developed to introduce students, managers and executives to concepts of system dynamics. The purpose of the game is to illustrate the key principle that "structure produces.....
Game - INR 10,500

Business Process Reengineering
Business Process Reengineering is the key to keeping your company competitive in today's global market. Large and small companies alike are finding it necessary to rethink their daily business.....
Book - US$ 24.95

Customer Is Always Dwight, The
An introduction to process management.
DVD - INR 34,750

Damage Control
An excellent case study of a major product delivery disaster and a very angry client - all superbly managed by the account manager, who demonstrates exceptional service, communication, problem.....
DVD - INR 14,750

Planning to Restructure
In this video, learn about the different approaches to restructuring - what works and what does not.
DVD - INR 7,750

Supply Chain Management
The video defines the new partnership characteristics and goals found within a thriving manufacturing supply chain. Through Case Studies of supply chain management at * Hewlett Packard * Saturn and *.....
DVD - INR 12,950

Supply Chain Management in the Internet Age
Professor Hau Lee argues that companies should not be satisfied with the substitution effect or the scale effect when enjoying the benefits of the Internet on supply chain management. He shows how.....
DVD - US$ 95.00

Time: The Next Dimension of Quality
Watch John Guaspari and Edward Hay demonstrate, through careful explanations combined with dramatic vignettes, exactly how time-based principles can be applied with tangible, measurable results......
DVD - INR 17,950