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Preparing for Long Life in the 21st Century
Leaders of organizations need to understand how cognitive processing, decision making, memory, and motivation change as they, their employees, and their customers age. Dr. Carstensen shares.....
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Bill Gates in Conversation with Stanford President John Hennessy
In this candid and lively presentation, Bill Gates gives you his perspective on where technology is headed. He responds to issues of privacy and security, and talks about improvements in.....
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Creating Winning Social Media Strategies
Citing intriguing examples from Oracle, Southwest Airlines, Walmart, Comcast, and Starbucks, Charlene Li shows us how companies can use social media tools to develop more intimate and beneficial.....
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Enterprise of the Future, The
Jim Bramante distills the findings of IBM’s latest Global CEO Study, based on interviews with one thousand CEOs worldwide, to define the Enterprise of the.....
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Leadership in a Wired World
Tim Sanders explains his advocacy of compassion in business, and helps you understand why genuine kindness and caring make bottom-line sense. Sanders believes that, in a wired world, nice guys finish.....
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Managing Chaos: A Mozilla Story
Managing what Lilly describes as a “chaordic” business model—half chaos and half order—takes a continual balancing of competing forces. While an army of outsiders gives input.....
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Managing Innovation
iRobot operated without venture capital and on a break-even basis for eight years, developing a number of products for industry and the military without commercial success. An engineer who minored in.....
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Opportunity and Threat of Disruptive Technologies, The
Many of history's greatest growth markets were created by a disruptive technology that was met with resistance from traditional industries and organizations. Clayton Christensen demonstrates that in.....
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Privacy Issues
Privacy, and the protection of personal information, is becoming a hot topic as technology develops.
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Stanford Executive Briefings
Stanford University Presents 'The Executive Briefings' Series, a collection of videos featuring leaders in their fields giving inside views and practical.....

Supply Chain Management in the Internet Age
Professor Hau Lee argues that companies should not be satisfied with the substitution effect or the scale effect when enjoying the benefits of the Internet on supply chain management. He shows how.....
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Wikinomics: How Mass Collaboration Changes Everything
Interactive web technologies, in the form of self-organizing Internet communities, are driving a social revolution. Don Tapscott describes how companies innovate using the knowledge, resources, and.....
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