MMHRD Online


Products offered by us have been divided into two broad categories - Management and Technical.

Under each category there are multiple subject areas. Please select the desired subject to get a listing of titles available. The number of products available on the respective topic is given in brackets.


Management Topics
Absenteeism (3)Accent Training (1)Accountability (7)
Appraisals (43)Assertiveness (13)Assessment (1)
Attitudes (32)Balanced Scorecard (1)Banking (34)
Benchmarking (1)Body Language (11)Bullying/Harassment (6)
Call Centres (25)Change (81)Coaching and Counselling (56)
Commitment (2)Communication (206)Competitive Strategy (7)
Conflict Management (46)Corporate Culture (35)Counselling (1)
Creativity and Innovation (59)Cultural Diversity (45)Customer Service (138)
Decision Making (17)Delegation (19)Discipline Handling (15)
e-learning (1)Emotional Intelligence (13)Empowerment (31)
Environment (6)Ethics (14)Etiquette (10)
Feedback (31)Finance and Accounting (14)Fun At Work (13)
Gender Issues (3)Goal Setting (14)Healthcare (10)
Hospitality (4)Human Resources (32)Icebreakers & Endings (2)
Induction / New Hires (4)Internal Customer (10)Interpersonal Skills (39)
Interviewing (40)Kaizen and JIT (2)Knowledge Management (3)
Language Learning (59)Leadership (202)Learning Needs (7)
Listening (17)Management Development (5)Management Skills (88)
Manufacturing (2)Marketing (42)Meetings (28)
Mentoring (19)Motivation (114)Negotiation (30)
Occupational Safety (5)Organizational Development (37)Partnering / Joint Ventures (2)
Perception (2)Performance Management (53)Personal Effectiveness (44)
Personality (1)Presentation Skills (28)Problem Solving (13)
Process Improvement (6)Product Development (9)Productivity (32)
Project Management (9)Quality and TQM (36)Recruitment (33)
Reengineering (3)Relationship Selling (2)Retailing (16)
Self-Development (83)Selling Skills (68)Session Starters (49)
Sexual Harassment (7)Situational Leadership (3)Strategy (99)
Stress Management (35)Supervision (28)Teams (115)
Technology (12)Telephone Skills (43)Time Management (26)
Tools for Trainers (7)Train the Trainer (16)Trust/Integrity (8)
Vision (10)Writing Skills (9)



Technical Topics